The Ghost of Mingo Creek -
   Published by Forty-Sixth Star Press, this collection of eight spooky short stories is based on legends from throughout the Sooner State. Each tale creeps, crawls, and roars with exciting plots and distinct Oklahoma voices. A must-have for story lovers and educators who know the power of a good scary story to captivate and spark the imagination of young readers. Grounded in Oklahoma myth, the stories are crafted within the state's widely diverse historical, cultural, and geographic landscapes. And-- oh yeah--they're a lot of fun too!
   Choctaw author and storyteller Tim Tingle contributed the foreword, in which he states, "From the spoken word to the written page, The Ghost of Mingo Creek delivers, in a book that crackles, slithers, jumps, and always hits the mark."
    As an added bonus, each story is accompanied with a photo collage created by editor Larry Johnson, whose photo book of Oklahoma City received great accolades.

"These spooky Oklahoma tales, told by a masterful storyteller, will delight and titillate readers of all ages. A surefire hit!"
-- Rilla Askew, author of Harpsong and Strange Business

2011 American Library Association Notable Children's Book for Middle Readers
    An anthology in graphic format bringing together Native American storytellers from across the U.S. and several top illustrators to re-tell the old trickster tales in a new way. Among the contributors is Choctaw author and storyteller Greg Rodgers who shares a Choctaw classis entitled "Giddy Up, Wolfy." Published by Fulcrum Publishing  (June, 2011).
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One Dark Night in Oklahoma
Long Ago... In the land of the Choctaw  (audio CD)
   ONE DARK NIGHT IN OKLAHOMA the wind came howling down the plains, the old houses creaked and moaned, as otherworldly predators hunted their prey.
   Down every dark Oklahoma road there lurks a haunting tale, prowling, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting souls! In this collection of short stories, author Greg Rodgers adds an eerie voice to several of the state’s most ominous legends.
Consider yourself warned!
   Published by Forty-Sixth Star Press, this book highlights some of the state's most haunting and strange tales.

“Chilling, thrilling, and a good, fun read!” - LeAnne Howe, Oklahoma Book Award Winner, Fulbright Scholar, and author of Miko Kings.
   These stories are my versions of four favorite traditional Choctaw tales. As a Choctaw storyteller I have  added names, dialogue, and description but have remained true to the stories with regards to storyline, themes, and cultural significance. I hope that you enjoy them as well!

   Stories included are: Hunter and the Alligator, Chukfi's Bellyache, The Gift of Tanchi, Giddy Up, Wolfy!
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